ScoopJack Debuts at The 2024 Fit Expo | Los Angeles, California

ScoopJack Debuts at The 2024 Fit Expo | Los Angeles, California

ScoopJack Debuts at The Fit Expo

Are you tired of buried scoops at the bottom of your your favorite protein powder container? Do you find yourself contorting your hand into strange positions just to reach the bottom? Well, worry no more, because ScoopJack is here to save the day!

Experience ScoopJack in Action at The Fit Expo

The Fit Expo in Los Angeles is the largest fitness tradeshow on the West Coast, and it's the perfect place to witness the magic of ScoopJack firsthand. So, if you're in the area, make sure to stop by booth 1232 and prepare to have your scooping game elevated to new heights.

At the booth, you'll have the opportunity to see ScoopJack in action and try it out for yourself. Watch as the scoop is kept effortlessly at the top of the powder, no matter how vigorously its container is shaken. 

And if you're still not convinced, the friendly ScoopJack team will be there to answer any questions you may have and provide you with all the scooping wisdom you never knew you needed.

What's ScoopJack and How Does it Transform Your Workout Routine?

ScoopJack is more than just a tool; it's a game-changer for your full-body workout and strength training regimen. By keeping the scoop accessible and at the top of any container or pouch, it ensures you're getting the right nutrition for your body strength goals. It's perfect for those busy workout routines when every second counts.

Why ScoopJack is Essential for Your Fitness Journey

In your quest to increase weight and maximize rest days, cleanliness is crucial. ScoopJack guarantees that, ensuring your supplements remain uncontaminated. Whether using free weights or doing Lat pulldowns at your favorite fitness club in Los Angeles, it's a must-have.

See ScoopJack in Action at The Fit Expo

Experience this innovative tool at The Fit Expo in Los Angeles. Come to the fitness tradeshow on January 20-21, 2024, at booth 1232 to see how ScoopJack improves your protein shake. Total body health starts with the right nutrition, and ScoopJack ensures you get every bit of it.

ScoopJack: Elevating Your Gym and Kitchen Experience

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast working on resistance training or a parent mixing baby formula, ScoopJack makes life easier. No more struggles with buried scoops. And imagine the ease in your kitchen creations for the bakers out there!

Don't Miss ScoopJack at The Fit Expo

Mark your calendars for this must-visit Los Angeles event for January 20 - 21. At booth 1232, the ScoopJack team awaits to revolutionize your supplement routine. Goodbye to messy scooping, hello to better workouts with ScoopJack, the tool that improves your total body fitness journey! 

Green ScoopJack MultiPack set of 4
arial view of scoopjack holding scoop within reach in chocolate whey protein powder
Various ScoopJack sizes attached to scoops in front of array of different sized nutritional supplement tubs and pouches
Blue ScoopJack MultiPack set of 4
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
ScoopJack holding scoop in white protein tub chocolate whey protein
scoopless scoopjack set in chocolate whey protein powder
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
small scoopjack
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
leveling protein scoop with scoopjack over protein tub
trio of scoopjacks and protein tubs in different sizes
Green, White, and Blue ScoopJacks positioned laying on resistance bands
Green, White, and Blue ScoopJacks Stylized Falling

ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders

Regular price$9.99


After one too many frustrating messes from digging for buried protein scoops, ScoopJack was created. This ingenious solution elevates and suspends your scoop, keeping it neatly raised above the powder for supremely easy access.

ScoopJack features sturdy prongs that securely grip and lift scoops of any size, giving you a convenient, mess-free scooping experience every time. No more knocking powder everywhere or wasting time rummaging around.

Available in a versatile 4-pack set with small, medium, and large sizes, ScoopJack works across all your powder containers and canisters. The reusable design ensures you'll always have a tidy, elevated scoop within reach.

But ScoopJack does more than just prevent messes. It's equipped with a built-in leveling fin to help portion out accurate, level scoops with zero guesswork. Maintain your dietary discipline more easily.

Transform your protein powder routine in an instant. Order the ScoopJack 4-pack today for just $9.99 and get: (2) Large ScoopJacks (1) Medium ScoopJack (1) Small ScoopJack

No more messy scoops, no more digging, no more spills. Just clean, convenient scooping with ScoopJack. Complete satisfaction guaranteed.