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ScoopJack - The UNIVERSAL Powder Scoop Holder


Powdered nutritional supplements are great for enhancing workouts and healthy meal plans, but searching for a buried scoop is frustrating. ScoopJack solves this problem by keeping the scoop at the top. Whether you're strength training, muscle building, or doing full-body workouts, ScoopJack enhances your fitness journey. It keeps your nutrition clean and accessible, perfect for busy routines. Elevate your workout today with ScoopJack – where strength, cleanliness, and efficiency converge!

Green ScoopJack MultiPack set of 4
arial view of scoopjack holding scoop within reach in chocolate whey protein powder
Various ScoopJack sizes attached to scoops in front of array of different sized nutritional supplement tubs and pouches
Blue ScoopJack MultiPack set of 4
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
ScoopJack holding scoop in white protein tub chocolate whey protein
scoopless scoopjack set in chocolate whey protein powder
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
small scoopjack
ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders
leveling protein scoop with scoopjack over protein tub
trio of scoopjacks and protein tubs in different sizes
Green, White, and Blue ScoopJacks positioned laying on resistance bands
Green, White, and Blue ScoopJacks Stylized Falling

ScoopJack 4-Pack Powder Scoop Holders

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After one too many frustrating messes from digging for buried protein scoops, ScoopJack was created. This ingenious solution elevates and suspends your scoop, keeping it neatly raised above the powder for supremely easy access.

ScoopJack features sturdy prongs that securely grip and lift scoops of any size, giving you a convenient, mess-free scooping experience every time. No more knocking powder everywhere or wasting time rummaging around.

Available in a versatile 4-pack set with small, medium, and large sizes, ScoopJack works across all your powder containers and canisters. The reusable design ensures you'll always have a tidy, elevated scoop within reach.

But ScoopJack does more than just prevent messes. It's equipped with a built-in leveling fin to help portion out accurate, level scoops with zero guesswork. Maintain your dietary discipline more easily.

Transform your protein powder routine in an instant. Order the ScoopJack 4-pack today for just $9.99 and get: (2) Large ScoopJacks (1) Medium ScoopJack (1) Small ScoopJack

No more messy scoops, no more digging, no more spills. Just clean, convenient scooping with ScoopJack. Complete satisfaction guaranteed.

4-Pack includes Four ScoopJacks: (2) Large, (1) Medium, (1) Small

🍽️ Food-Safe Materials: We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your protein powder. That's why ScoopJack is thoughtfully crafted using food-safe materials, ensuring that it meets strict safety standards. You can trust that every scoop with ScoopJack is not only convenient but also worry-free.

✨ Innovative Design: ScoopJack's design is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Its ergonomic shape and smooth leveling fin make scooping effortless, ensuring that you get the perfect amount of protein powder every time. Say goodbye to digging around and spilling your precious powder.

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ScoopJack helps keep your scoop, and your hands, free from contact with powdered products.


ScoopJack makes sure any scoop is easy to find, even after a container is turned upside down.


ScoopJack saves waste and time by making perfect portion measurement a snap.


ScoopJack is made from durable, sustainable, and washable material that can be used with multiple containers of different shapes and sizes.

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use with any powder NUTRITIONAL supplement

Whey Protein Powders
Casein Protein Powders
Plant-Based Protein Powders
(like pea, rice, or hemp protein)
Meal Replacement Powders
Pre-Workout Supplements
Intra-Workout Supplements
Post-Workout Recovery Powders
Creatine Powders
BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) Powders
Glutamine Supplements
Electrolyte Powders
Weight Gainer Powders
Keto Diet Powders
Collagen Peptide Powders
Green Superfood Powders
Fiber Supplements
Exogenous Ketone Powders
Carbohydrate Powders
Fat Burner Powders
Vitamin and Mineral Powders



I loved how ScoopJack is available in different sizes for different sized tubs. Not something I thought of having before, but super helpful now that I have one!

Caleb P.

College Baseball Player


ScoopJack's simple and secure design keeps the scoop in place at the top of any container.

elevate your supplement routine

Don't take our word for it


The leveling fin is a great addition

Ian O.

New York, NY


ScoopJack keeps my supplements fresh and my hands clean!

Jill K.

Tampa, FL


Great product. No more pre-workout powder under my fingernails before the gym.

Jamie D.

Sarasota, FL

Man lifting dumbbells' in gym for bicep curl workout

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Yes. ScoopJack comes in various sizes to fit virtually any scoop and powder tub or pouch.

Yes! The sustainable ScoopJack is designed to perform maximum reps without failure.  

ScoopJack is made of FDA-approved, food grade polypropylene and is BPA Free. In other words: absolutely!

Yes. For best results, place ScoopJack in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Currently ScoopJack is available online and on Amazon, but we’re open to your ideas for local outlets and retailers.

ScoopJack comes in blue, green, or white, but custom colors can be special ordered in volume.

We’re currently developing ScoopJack in other sustainable materials. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

ScoopJack is available in the US. For international shipping, please contact us in our website contact form.

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